Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Vintage Secretary Re-DO

Let me start this by saying that at my last craft show I had this old vintage quilt rack - the kind that stands up, the one that you can hang several blankets on. I had it for a lot of years and decided one day that I would use it as my wrapping station at my shows. It was perfect for hanging my tissue paper for wrapping my products and for hanging my bags over for putting the wrapped products into. It worked like a dream.
Then of course my family packs me up at night and once home we noticed that of all the things that made it home my vintage quilt rack/new wrapping station was not one of them. {super sad face inserted here} boy was I mad...so since then I had been on the look out for a quilt rack or something similar...not an easy task...but I did find something like this here...
Once I found it I knew it had to be painted so I took my go-to color Turquoise and I think I am in LOVE again.

Isn't she pretty???
Here is how I plan to use it...

The top has this small little tray like thingy - that I suppose could hold spare change or loose buttons but I plan on putting my cards in there.

see there is a place for the tissue paper and handles for the bags

I think it came out wonderfully - not as good as my original quilt rack

I love taking something old and turning it into something cool.
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Happy Making

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