Monday, April 28, 2014

Instant VINTAGE wall ART

I have a problem. I like to change things around in my house regularly and repaint stuff a lot. There I said it - first step to fixing a problem is admitting you have one, right? I don't plan on stopping but I am willing to admit it. Look sometimes you need a quick fix.
Sometimes the best way to save money is to use something you already have in a different way! So I went in search of "Schtuff" in my studio and found some vintage embroidery hoops - I love the idea of embroidery and wish I could do it WELL but I have a small gimp in my embroidery hand so I thought about using some fabric or something cool in the hoops...then it hit me...I had some old quilt parts (saving it for something - not sure what) but this must have been it...
I cut out some parts and placed them the way I liked them into the embroidery hoops and wham...look what came out
Just like grandma's house (without the moth ball smell)

I tried it with some other hoops I had for my kitchen. - I used some cherry fabric, a part of a vintage tablecloth and then tried my hand at embroidery - I added the heart and some banners and in white - which is barely visible but says Good Morning...again I am glad you cant see it up close because its pretty bad. I did put them up in my kitchen and I LOVE them - so my mission was accomplished.
Just look at your fabric stash and re-discover it all and the possibilities are endless and on the cheap!
Instant wall art!
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Thursday, April 24, 2014

dirty old sheets

Hi - been to any good yard sales lately? I haven't but in the recent past I had and found some fun old vintage sheets - hence the pun (dirty old sheets) they aren't really dirty but they are deliciously old and I seem to be especially attracted to fun bright flowery sheet sets.


 In the past I had planned on making those cute pillow case dresses (remember those?) But my girls are now 14 & 12 - and they ain't having none of that...I don't blame them but how cute would they look in them?


Because most of the sheet sets I find our usually twin (my bed is a king) I can't actually use them so I decided to cut one up and make some fun banners. Instead of the standard pennant style banner I made them in half circles and pinked the edges. I think it came out super cute.
Nice right?
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Here's to finding new uses for old STUFF. Especially something as pretty as these sheets.
Happy Crafting

Monday, April 21, 2014

Need a little Wine?

After a long day of work I am sure a nice glass of wine is something you look forward to or  maybe need. Well, have a got the cutest table I just finished to share with you tonight.
Here is where it started:
then I sanded it, painted it cream 

then used some awesome paper from Tim Holtz and collaged the top of the table
sanded it on the edges, waxed it deep brown then sealed it

and looky here

how great would this be to come home to after a day at work next to your couch or by the bed...
I am very proud of the way this little vintage table turned out.
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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Vintage Secretary Re-DO

Let me start this by saying that at my last craft show I had this old vintage quilt rack - the kind that stands up, the one that you can hang several blankets on. I had it for a lot of years and decided one day that I would use it as my wrapping station at my shows. It was perfect for hanging my tissue paper for wrapping my products and for hanging my bags over for putting the wrapped products into. It worked like a dream.
Then of course my family packs me up at night and once home we noticed that of all the things that made it home my vintage quilt rack/new wrapping station was not one of them. {super sad face inserted here} boy was I since then I had been on the look out for a quilt rack or something similar...not an easy task...but I did find something like this here...
Once I found it I knew it had to be painted so I took my go-to color Turquoise and I think I am in LOVE again.

Isn't she pretty???
Here is how I plan to use it...

The top has this small little tray like thingy - that I suppose could hold spare change or loose buttons but I plan on putting my cards in there.

see there is a place for the tissue paper and handles for the bags

I think it came out wonderfully - not as good as my original quilt rack

I love taking something old and turning it into something cool.
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Happy Making