Monday, August 4, 2014

A weekend at Home

Ever have those weekends where you have nothing to do or just feel like doing nothing??? Well last weekend I had one of those and well I think it was a weekend long over do and boy do have something amazing to show for the effort.
I had this wall in our hall way that we used as a coat rack and shoe catch and well it looked pretty drab and it needed an over haul. I decided to use only things I already had - I mean this is really a low cost project...
Here is the before. That white rack was over flowing with jackets and coats that were obviously not in use (since its summer time)
Here is the view from when you walk in from the front door.

I had purchased one of those 3.00 reject cans of paint in a really deep gray - thought I could use it for something SOMEDAY.
Someday came last weekend....

I painted the wall gray and added some white stripes to give it some pizazz...if you look close enough
which I didn't when I purchased the paint...

It is FLAT paint. Which means you have to paint it nice and neat, if you don't you'll be see lots of swipes and marks and well I wont be using flat paint again. But it did come out cool and if need be I could use it as a chalk board if I wanted too.
PS - I had both paints at home - I was given a 100.00 amex gift card so I used it to buy the 9 holed cabinet and 2 extra shoe holders (free) I had that 3 pocket aqua wall file in the kitchen so I took it and added it above the cabinet

then added some picture frames I had in the house and put the blankets in their pockets and now our shoes look organized.

I was working towards a mud room/command center for my kids and also trying to add some style to my house.

not to shabby eh???
I am in LOVE with the whole thing. Best part is that the kids love it too and the hubs gave me props as well.
Not bad for being stuck in the house for the weekend right?
I am linking this up to the parties above - hope you like it.
Happy Decorating