Thursday, December 19, 2013

Weekend Score & crafty idea

Are you as busy as I am right now (this time of year) I wanted to share my {last} weekend score - just some Christmas goodies...

Cute right and I am happy to report that they just sold on ebay this yesterday. Whooopie...

Gear shift... I know you have seen all the rage over DEER right? Well I wanted to try my hand at making some sort of Holiday art piece at a minimal cost in case it didn't turn out well. Can I just say that I DONE good... Here are the supplies you'll need to make this wonderful piece of HIP art.

I am thinking that the nose needs to be glitterfied with some red glitter...The idea behind my thought process was that I really wanted to incorporate a chalkboard background...So I picked up this reindeer wood piece at MICHAEL'S (BTW-all holiday wood is 70% off right now-SCORE) and I bought a large 11 x 13 frame at the dollar store
this cost me a total of 2.00 ---most of the other stuff I had at home.

I sprayed the DEER head gold - then pulled out my modge podge and glitter and got busy!

did the glittering in 2 parts
next I sprayed the frame red and painted the glass part with chalkboard'll need at least 3 coats of paint to give the glass a good coverage and less chance of peeling off...

Don't forget to prime the chalk board by rubbing chalk all over the glass - in both directions

add your deer then your chalk art - I learned the hard way (DUH)

I think this came out wonderfully and I have another one I am working on that is a bit more classy - once the red nose is added on this one for our living room I thought a nice classy one would work for another part of our house.
I hope you try it out - its a  cheap THRILL --- but cool piece.
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Have a delightful Holiday season...

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Weekend Score

My husband accidentally took the cord to my camera on a business trip so I couldn't upload these photos yesterday...but I wanted to share another fun score I made this weekend at an estate sale...
Here's the entire lot of goodies
Most of it was paper Ephemera , my favorite!!!

Vintage Christmas cards and caroling books

a vintage cook booklet & some vintage postcards

some cabinet cards

and some fun vintage notebooks

and this amazing tattered and torn vintage black and white photo album

with some amazing photos inside

and look another set of Vintage Christmas mini mugs made in Japan
aren't they sweet - LOVE them.
Not to bad for a quick stop at an Estate Sale my husband found...and guess how much I paid for all this loot...$10.00...not to shabby...I am linking this up to the parties linked above...

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Making Do

As I posted on my instagram yesterday - I wanted to share a fun project I started one way and finished another.

2 weeks ago I went into a thrift store and found a sweet side table that was nice and sturdy and only 10.00 - the bones were good and I knew it just needed some paint. Fast forward to DIY day...

SO... I started sanding and was super excited to get painting when my husband pointed out
that there was a drawer missing...

OMG - I didn't even notice that. Great now what - I proceeded painting the table and kept it in my mind wondering what I could do with the small space there - It wouldn't sell with that gap so
we added a dowel and painted it the same color and added a small guest towel and wahh laaa...
A useful table that would work out well in a guest room along with the cute towel...
Pure sweetness wouldn't you agree?

I love when I make mistakes that actually turn out better then expected.
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Here's to making "HAPPY" mistakes.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Here comes Santa

Tis the season ALREADY...I have a secret to share - I have always wanted to have one of those houses that were decorated beautifully - nothing fancy but filled with collectibles. I understand that it takes years to acquire such a collection and I am after all ONLY 43 - so I have LOTS of time to collect still but recently I started to fall head over heels for Santa - I especially love those old vintage Santa mugs...and while I may have one or 2 of those mugs (can't be sure) I have been on a sort of mission lately collecting anything and any kind of vintage LOOKING Santa... and lets just say I think my collection has begun!

Here is my hutch with my NEW collection...
funny thing is I had some of these Santas in my "collection" already - just using them else where.

Duh, isn't that one of the most important rules of decorating -
group like items???
See that Santa on the left side peeking in - well those were my moms and they are the ones that light up and are plastic - I took the light fixture out and am using them here...

All the mugs are ones I have been collecting this past year and last. A couple of them are from Pottery Barn - can you tell which?

The large platter is from the thrift are the smaller salad plates on the middle shelf...cute right? That there Santa & Mrs. Claus I have had for years but again was using it on my mantel - not anymore. I gotta tell you this is one collection I am LOVING and can see collecting more of...
Well I sure hope your decorating is coming along nicely...
Happy Tuesday
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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving Day - may you be surrounded by the ones you love, eat till your tummy hurts and laugh until you cry.

Vintage carved thanksgiving centerpiece...feels like corn husks or straw on one of my vintage table cloths.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekend SCORE

Opening day is right around the corner. I am anxious and excited and ready...I have been busy painting furniture and pricing all my sweet vintage Christmas decorations. I have been sketching my BOOTH layout many things I want to do but also want my space to look cohesive and organized but hypnotizing...draws people in and makes them want to SHOP=BUY!!!

I usually buy all my items at thrift stores whether it is furniture or parts that I use to make something cool or re-paint and upcycle into something AWESOME!!! I plan to share my Thrift Store loot/weekend SCORE on Mondays here on the blog.

O.k. the following items were all bought at the Pomona Goodwill...

Let me first mention that I have found that most Goodwill stores are high priced. At least that's my opinion. I find that most little things, like frames and figurines are high but the one in Pomona off of Garey well they know how to price things....
Hence my weekend score...
Do you see the 2 celluloid box purses there...
here's a close up
aren't they amazing bags? The square picnic PURSE with handles opens up and has some really cool fabric inside with fun handles. Priced amazingly at 5.50 each - OMG - I know right....ri-dic-u-lous!!!
Got some cute white Holly mugs, some small metal egg cups (show you later what I am making with these) that there wooden shelf on the right side has some indention's on each shelf not sure what it was meant for but I am planning to put my STATE thimbles on it.
I got a few other things but I only spent 37.00 for all you see her and a few other pieces...NOT to shabby.
Keep you posted - happy thrifting
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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Begin Again

I am ready to embark on a new adventure and am hoping that you will come along for the ride.

I have always loved making over furniture and DIYing different pieces of curb side finds into treasures for my home, so I decided to take it to the next level. I am opening up a small space in an antique store on December 1st....exciting and a bit scary but I am ready to dive in head first.

I am hoping to make this blog a collection of my projects - the good, the bad and the UGLY!!! As well as a journal of my finds, my personal make-overs and some silly funky-ness for good measure.

I will start blogging soon and my grand - opening will be December 1st.

Please visit often.