Monday, August 4, 2014

A weekend at Home

Ever have those weekends where you have nothing to do or just feel like doing nothing??? Well last weekend I had one of those and well I think it was a weekend long over do and boy do have something amazing to show for the effort.
I had this wall in our hall way that we used as a coat rack and shoe catch and well it looked pretty drab and it needed an over haul. I decided to use only things I already had - I mean this is really a low cost project...
Here is the before. That white rack was over flowing with jackets and coats that were obviously not in use (since its summer time)
Here is the view from when you walk in from the front door.

I had purchased one of those 3.00 reject cans of paint in a really deep gray - thought I could use it for something SOMEDAY.
Someday came last weekend....

I painted the wall gray and added some white stripes to give it some pizazz...if you look close enough
which I didn't when I purchased the paint...

It is FLAT paint. Which means you have to paint it nice and neat, if you don't you'll be see lots of swipes and marks and well I wont be using flat paint again. But it did come out cool and if need be I could use it as a chalk board if I wanted too.
PS - I had both paints at home - I was given a 100.00 amex gift card so I used it to buy the 9 holed cabinet and 2 extra shoe holders (free) I had that 3 pocket aqua wall file in the kitchen so I took it and added it above the cabinet

then added some picture frames I had in the house and put the blankets in their pockets and now our shoes look organized.

I was working towards a mud room/command center for my kids and also trying to add some style to my house.

not to shabby eh???
I am in LOVE with the whole thing. Best part is that the kids love it too and the hubs gave me props as well.
Not bad for being stuck in the house for the weekend right?
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Happy Decorating

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Time for a change

I love to re-decorate and while it gets harder to do in the larger spaces in my home I love to play around with my front porch. I know I have shared it before but recently for the 4th of July - I decided to clean it up...
This is what it looked like before
This was a sweet little farm table that I purchased years ago at a flea market. It sits outside and its seen better days so I knew this was the first thing that needed a
"Pick Me Up"
This is my new door (which I love) and the way the front porch looks from the street.

Pretty but needs some "Shooshing"
I used some of this new amazing paint that I bought awhile back and it was the most amazing shade of aqua/turquoise and it when from cute to AAH-MAZING!!!!

Here she is all pretty like and on the front porch

Here is my happy little farm table all propped up and as you can see I moved some stuff around and got rid of a few things. I drew up some new chalk art on our welcome board - added my sons bike and a some red white and blue accents.

All because this color needed to be used...
I just had to post one more photo of this super cute table and chairs. I repainted (spray painted) the small wicker chairs just to spruce them up. All in all I am in LOVE

Well I hope you are having fun sprucing up your spaces.
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happy Holiday week

Thursday, June 26, 2014

quick packaging idea

Good morning - We recently went on a trip to visit family all the way to El Paso, Tx - long ride but
short trip. I don't get to see my family much and not many email or facebook so I thought I would bring photos along to share with them but I didn't want to give them in the normal plain boring I decided to get crafty!

I have so much washi tape - that I don't use quite often I grabbed some glassine envelopes or bags and played with tape - and this is what I came up with...

Cute right? I mean it took no time at all.

I just added hand cut strips of tape then used some of my random punches and just glue dotted them to the edge and wah-lah...a sweet gift and in super cute packaging
anyway, it's all in the details (they say)
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Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Shabby Blue LOVE

In my last post I shared an old beat up hutch that my husband brought home for me - I had this amazing idea for the back panel on the hutch...but my idea didn't work out as planned. The wall paper I had planned to put on well I didn't have enough. Dang it! Hate when that happens.

My husband actually picked out the shabby blue color - I sanded and painted the whole thing in the same color. See how filthy the hutch was?
The detail was amazing - dont'cha think?

There were a few small repairs that needed to be made - like fixing one of the drawers because the face had broken off. I also added some new pulls to the smaller drawers
(be ready for photo overload)
so here it is finished...
It's a very light shabby blue color - I think it looks good and thinking back the paper would have been to busy.

You can see the new pulls on the smaller drawers...vintage metal detailed pulls - they show a little rust on them still...

Bottom drawers - using the old hardware

Fixed that top left small drawer - using wood glue turned out as good as new. See the drawer below

Here is a side view of the spindles - cool right?

Here is a close up of the bottom sides of the hutch.

I gotta tell you I am loving this piece. A lot. But because I already have a wonderful hutch in my kitchen I can't keep it - all though I think it would make a cool crafting hutch actually {wink wink}
If you are interested in owning this hutch just email me at I am selling it for 175.00 or best offer.
Happy Hump Day!
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Thursday, May 8, 2014

A new Project

I wanted to share my newest project. My sweet husband brought this home for me about a month ago and its been sitting in the back yard...I wanted to make it amazing and so it sat while I tried to figure out the fun color scheme I wanted to use.
Isn't this piece needs a little TLC but the lines are cool and there are so many drawers  and a light that comes with it.
See the sweet details on the sides of the hutch? Awesome-sauce...
I wanted to do this in Coral and gold but I decided to try something different...I had three different cans of Sherwin Williams paint in 3 shades of blue...and see that there back piece well it came off so I was thinking maybe a cool paint treatment or some fun pattern painted on...

Can you see it? Well, I finally decided tonight at 7:25 p.m. that I would start painting and then I had the most brilliant idea...
But I'll share that with you tomorrow...Oh you'll love it---I hope!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Instant VINTAGE wall ART

I have a problem. I like to change things around in my house regularly and repaint stuff a lot. There I said it - first step to fixing a problem is admitting you have one, right? I don't plan on stopping but I am willing to admit it. Look sometimes you need a quick fix.
Sometimes the best way to save money is to use something you already have in a different way! So I went in search of "Schtuff" in my studio and found some vintage embroidery hoops - I love the idea of embroidery and wish I could do it WELL but I have a small gimp in my embroidery hand so I thought about using some fabric or something cool in the hoops...then it hit me...I had some old quilt parts (saving it for something - not sure what) but this must have been it...
I cut out some parts and placed them the way I liked them into the embroidery hoops and wham...look what came out
Just like grandma's house (without the moth ball smell)

I tried it with some other hoops I had for my kitchen. - I used some cherry fabric, a part of a vintage tablecloth and then tried my hand at embroidery - I added the heart and some banners and in white - which is barely visible but says Good Morning...again I am glad you cant see it up close because its pretty bad. I did put them up in my kitchen and I LOVE them - so my mission was accomplished.
Just look at your fabric stash and re-discover it all and the possibilities are endless and on the cheap!
Instant wall art!
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Thursday, April 24, 2014

dirty old sheets

Hi - been to any good yard sales lately? I haven't but in the recent past I had and found some fun old vintage sheets - hence the pun (dirty old sheets) they aren't really dirty but they are deliciously old and I seem to be especially attracted to fun bright flowery sheet sets.


 In the past I had planned on making those cute pillow case dresses (remember those?) But my girls are now 14 & 12 - and they ain't having none of that...I don't blame them but how cute would they look in them?


Because most of the sheet sets I find our usually twin (my bed is a king) I can't actually use them so I decided to cut one up and make some fun banners. Instead of the standard pennant style banner I made them in half circles and pinked the edges. I think it came out super cute.
Nice right?
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Here's to finding new uses for old STUFF. Especially something as pretty as these sheets.
Happy Crafting