Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Shabby-ish french Chair

Good Grief - it sure has been a long time. But I am BACK...This year started off in a flurry of things happening and changing. First of all my store - well - it happened that while I thought I had the coolest furniture and the neatest vintage accessories - no one else did. Since I like to keep things real-the first month; I sold a bunch but still not enough to cover the rent. So I sold stuff and then had to pay 60.00 out of pocket to cover the rent...I decided them that I couldn't so that again...I actually liked my stuff and wasn't trying to lighten my load of "STUFF" I was hoping to make money not give stuff away. So we decided to call it quits. I wanted to start the year off MAKING MONEY not losing it - so January was our last month and because I was able to get out early enough and had already paid January rent =  the things I actually did sell I made money! the point of the story is that I closed my shop after 2 months...
boohoo but of course being the true hoarder thrifter that I am I haven't stopped looking or seeing furniture that is crying out for help. So here is my newest find. I forgot to take a before photo but here it is finished.

Picture this: Brown wood chair with rollers on the legs and filthy worn fabric on the seat and backing.

I had a few burlap coffee bags and decided to use one that had less tears and still looked good. Can you see the correlation?

The seat has the words USDA ORGANIC

The top part has the word FAIRTRADE up at the top - that part was a bit torn and worn so I tried to show as much as possible without losing the integrity of the bag and the word...
I was planning to sell this chair but I think I'm in love with it. I put it in my newly decorated kitchen...
I am back and ready to take on some more re purposing projects!
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  1. Hi! visiting thru Kathrine's corner party.. love the chair, I found one similar at the local dump = FREE. Just had to glue the arm back on, the cane back was still perfect! but the bottom needs a re-do. I am considering burlap but not sure about the smell and how it will hold up. Yours looks awesome!!

  2. love it!! Thank you for sharing your lovely blog at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop xo