Friday, January 17, 2014

My shop---grab a coffee

Awhile back - or when I originally started this blog I mentioned that I opened up a new SHOP in an antique store. I forgot to share the before & after pictures...sorry this post is loaded with photos...

this is the way the space looked before I moved in. This is my youngest daughter standing in it so you can see the size of it.

see how high the space goes up...

this was the left wall 
this was the back wall (close-up) 
this was from a different angle 
these are pics of my NEW space... 
this is the back left wall 
this is the left wall 
this is the right wall and my chalkboard wall 
Gotta tell you - I think I have more stuff marked NFS (not for sale) then I do things for sale. Sad....
But I was really jazzed about the way the space looked.
What do you think?

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hello 2014

I am starting this New Year with a vengeance. I have projects started all over the place. I am really into refinishing furniture and just finished an amazing vintage chair.

It was really rickety but had great bones...
Nice right? Looks like an old school chair.

So I spray painted the chair turquoise...I know what? spray paint but I just wanted the base to be a nice bright color - I was planning a distressing bonanza...

then I dry brushed some cream paint all over the chair in a half hazard way - I didn't lay it on thick just a quick brush over.

Then I took the sander to it and sanded in the MOST wearable spot - like the edges and the seat. When I was done sanding I noticed that the cream paint was still quite bright and wasn't really going for that look so luckily I had some of ANNIE SLOANS dark wax and rubbed it all over the cream paint and it really warmed up the whole chair.

Gotta tell you that I am in LOVE with the finished look of this old chair.

It sure looks like it has been around awhile!
Challenge - taken & accomplished!

pretty cool, right?
I am linking this up to the parties posted above.
Hope your year is starting out just like you wished!
Happy Making