Monday, April 28, 2014

Instant VINTAGE wall ART

I have a problem. I like to change things around in my house regularly and repaint stuff a lot. There I said it - first step to fixing a problem is admitting you have one, right? I don't plan on stopping but I am willing to admit it. Look sometimes you need a quick fix.
Sometimes the best way to save money is to use something you already have in a different way! So I went in search of "Schtuff" in my studio and found some vintage embroidery hoops - I love the idea of embroidery and wish I could do it WELL but I have a small gimp in my embroidery hand so I thought about using some fabric or something cool in the hoops...then it hit me...I had some old quilt parts (saving it for something - not sure what) but this must have been it...
I cut out some parts and placed them the way I liked them into the embroidery hoops and wham...look what came out
Just like grandma's house (without the moth ball smell)

I tried it with some other hoops I had for my kitchen. - I used some cherry fabric, a part of a vintage tablecloth and then tried my hand at embroidery - I added the heart and some banners and in white - which is barely visible but says Good Morning...again I am glad you cant see it up close because its pretty bad. I did put them up in my kitchen and I LOVE them - so my mission was accomplished.
Just look at your fabric stash and re-discover it all and the possibilities are endless and on the cheap!
Instant wall art!
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