Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Time for a change

I love to re-decorate and while it gets harder to do in the larger spaces in my home I love to play around with my front porch. I know I have shared it before but recently for the 4th of July - I decided to clean it up...
This is what it looked like before
This was a sweet little farm table that I purchased years ago at a flea market. It sits outside and its seen better days so I knew this was the first thing that needed a
"Pick Me Up"
This is my new door (which I love) and the way the front porch looks from the street.

Pretty but needs some "Shooshing"
I used some of this new amazing paint that I bought awhile back and it was the most amazing shade of aqua/turquoise and it when from cute to AAH-MAZING!!!!

Here she is all pretty like and on the front porch

Here is my happy little farm table all propped up and as you can see I moved some stuff around and got rid of a few things. I drew up some new chalk art on our welcome board - added my sons bike and a some red white and blue accents.

All because this color needed to be used...
I just had to post one more photo of this super cute table and chairs. I repainted (spray painted) the small wicker chairs just to spruce them up. All in all I am in LOVE

Well I hope you are having fun sprucing up your spaces.
I am linking this up to the challenges above.
happy Holiday week

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  1. I love, LOVE that little blue table. That is one of my favorite colors to add when I am needing some pops of color. You porch is adorable!

    Emily- Our house now a home