Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekend SCORE

Opening day is right around the corner. I am anxious and excited and ready...I have been busy painting furniture and pricing all my sweet vintage Christmas decorations. I have been sketching my BOOTH layout many things I want to do but also want my space to look cohesive and organized but hypnotizing...draws people in and makes them want to SHOP=BUY!!!

I usually buy all my items at thrift stores whether it is furniture or parts that I use to make something cool or re-paint and upcycle into something AWESOME!!! I plan to share my Thrift Store loot/weekend SCORE on Mondays here on the blog.

O.k. the following items were all bought at the Pomona Goodwill...

Let me first mention that I have found that most Goodwill stores are high priced. At least that's my opinion. I find that most little things, like frames and figurines are high but the one in Pomona off of Garey well they know how to price things....
Hence my weekend score...
Do you see the 2 celluloid box purses there...
here's a close up
aren't they amazing bags? The square picnic PURSE with handles opens up and has some really cool fabric inside with fun handles. Priced amazingly at 5.50 each - OMG - I know right....ri-dic-u-lous!!!
Got some cute white Holly mugs, some small metal egg cups (show you later what I am making with these) that there wooden shelf on the right side has some indention's on each shelf not sure what it was meant for but I am planning to put my STATE thimbles on it.
I got a few other things but I only spent 37.00 for all you see her and a few other pieces...NOT to shabby.
Keep you posted - happy thrifting
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  1. Lovely thrifting finds! Seeing this makes me want to go thrifting today! Visiting from The Dedicated House (Make It Pretty Monday).